From Victoria BC, Crystal the human behind Kleque Method is a self taught multidisciplinary artist and designer. She creates her pieces with resin, acrylic paints, aerosols and expresses her art in beadwork, paintings, sculptures and jewellery.


With a daily art practice for over 6 years, Crystal has developed a truly unique style and an identity in the Victoria art scene. She's also an active member in the indigenous community, being a mixed Cree/Metis person herself. Her work is showcased at the YYJ indigenous Pop up Markets throughout the seasons.


Most notably, Crystal has made her mark in New York city with Tenacious Toys, releasing her first designer toy series titled 'Galactic Bots' in 2020.


Kleque Method is inspired by character illustration, graffiti/street art and architecture. Her work is often loud, bold and bright in colour - her pieces are designed to bring joy to the collector or to people seeing her work in passing.


Crystal herself is very much like the art she designs. Her personality is big, bold, bright and fun. When you collect Kleque Method designs, you are collecting a tiny piece of Crystal's being